Oshawa Power Announces Launch of New Customer Portal, Green Button, and ULO Pricing

Oshawa Power Announces Launch of New Customer Portal, Green Button, and ULO Pricing

Oshawa Power is excited to announce the introduction of three new initiatives designed to simplify account management, improve data transparency, promote conservation, and help Oshawa residents save on their electricity bills.

To help streamline the customer experience Oshawa Power has launched a new and improved MyOshawaPower customer portal – the next step in simplifying the way customers manage their electricity accounts. This initiative will bring new features to customers enrolled in eBilling and create a ‘one-stop shop’ for all activities related to your electricity account.

The new MyOshawaPower will continue to allow customers to view their electricity consumption, compare usage to past periods, pay bills, receive outage notifications, and much more. These features will be available on a brand new, simplified interface, allowing you to spend less time managing your account whether you are accessing it on the go or from the comfort of your own home.

In addition to providing account-level insights and management, MyOshawaPower will now feature Green Button integration allowing customers instant access and sharing of their personal electricity data, all with the click of a button. Improving the transparency and accessibility of personal data will provide valuable insight into energy habits and encourage the development of conservation and cost-saving strategies for Oshawa Power customers.

“We understand that energy consumption varies drastically between families and businesses and this initiative will help customers further understand how to adjust their individual usage to ultimately increase control over their bills,” said Daniel Arbour, President and CEO of Oshawa Power. “Consumption data can also now be shared third-parties that may help customers develop strategies to reduce energy use or change pricing plans to find savings.”

Along with the implementation of Green Button, the Ontario government’s plan to provide consumers with more ways to keep costs down, save money, and take control of their energy bills includes the introduction of a new Ultra-Low Overnight (ULO) pricing plan. The new pricing plan expands on the provincial government’s Customer Choice initiative, allowing customers to choose from three available pricing plans: Time-of-Use pricing, Tiered pricing, and the new ULO pricing. Available to Oshawa Power customers as of October 13, the new pricing plan will encourage consumers to shift their usage to off-peak hours – when provincial demand is at its lowest – by offering the lowest possible price per kWh.

To learn more about eBilling and gain access to MyOshawaPower, click here.

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For more information about the Green Button initiative, click here.

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