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Building a sustainable business through our diverse suppliers and contractors.

Procurement Practices

Procurement Practices

At Oshawa Power, we rely on a large and diverse roster of suppliers to help make our projects come to life and keep a safe and reliable supply of electricity flowing to the City of Oshawa. We regularly seek qualified contractors and suppliers to provide goods and services, with selection based on merit.

When possible, Oshawa Power prefers to work closely with local suppliers to support our community’s economic prosperity.

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Sustainability Statement

We are committed to working in partnership with our contractors and suppliers to ensure that safety and sustainable practices are given priority. Together we can help advance the sustainability of our local environment and economy, enabling a brighter future for Oshawa.

As part of Oshawa Power’s commitment to sustainability, preference will be given to contractors and suppliers that align with our sustainability values.

Invoicing & Payments

Suppliers and contractors will be paid in accordance with agreed upon terms. Please send all invoices and invoicing concerns to


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QCsolver is an accessible cloud-based software and a service that manages supplier qualifications and performance. Developed to streamline the administrative tasks associated with vendor management, QCsolver’s due diligence and document repository website ensures that all Supplier information is current and correct.

Oshawa Power has decided to implement the QCsolver vendor management portal as part of our due diligence process. As of July 1, 2024, any Supplier working with Oshawa Power must register with QCsolver, pay the annual fee, and submit the required documentation (e.g. General Company Information including: Insurance, WSIB, Health & Safety, References etc.)

There are several benefits that suppliers and contractors receive when participating in this process:

  • One-Stop Vendor Registration: Register all your company information including liability insurance, WSIB certificates and other compliance documents.
  • Insurance and WSIB Tracking: Receive automatic reminder e-mail alerts notifying you of expiring documentation.
  • Prompt payment: An Active Profile ensures that all of Oshawa Power’s documentation requirements are met throughout the lifecycle and until completion of a project.
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