Rates & Billing

Electricity Rates

Electricity Rates

As a commercial customer, your electricity rates will vary depending on your electricity usage. To view the most current rate information, visit our Rates page where we have developed handy rate sheets for all customer classes.


Security Deposit

All new customers of Oshawa Power will be asked to pay a security deposit before service will be offered to a new service address. Security deposits are calculated based on previous actual usage at the service address or estimated usage for new builds.

Deposits will be collected from the customer when an application for distribution services is made. Your security deposit may be reassessed upon request and decisions will be based on satisfactory payment records. All amounts held on deposit will be applied to the final bill on termination of distribution services.

Global Adjustment (GA)

Global Adjustment (GA) charges are paid by every electricity customer in the province of Ontario and are intended to cover the cost of building improved electricity infrastructure, pay electricity suppliers under contract, and fund provincial conservation and efficiency programs.

Under the GA framework, each electricity customer in the province is classified as either a Class A or Class B customer. Your classification determines how your GA cost is calculated.

Class A

Class A customers are large businesses able to participate in the province’s Industrial Conservation Initiative and will be charged a GA cost based on their share of total demand during Ontario’s top five peak demand hours.

Class B

The province’s remaining customers are in Class B and will combine to pay the outstanding amount of Ontario’s GA cost not covered by Class A customers. Your GA cost will be displayed on your bill in one of two ways:

  • For small business customers, GA is included in Time-of-Use and Tiered rates
  • For medium businesses, your GA cost will be displayed as a separate line item

Ontario Energy Rebate (OER)

Commercial customers may be eligible to claim the Ontario Energy Rebate (OER) if they meet the eligibility criteria set out by the OEB. To determine if your business may be eligible to receive the OER, please reference our Ontario Energy Rebate Eligibility Form and complete your submission if your account meets the eligibility criteria.


Pre-Authorized Payments (PAP)

Our PAP program allows you to simplify your billing process. It’s simple; just set it and forget it.
When you enroll in our PAP program, your bill amount will automatically be withdrawn from your account on the due date shown on your bill. You will still receive your bill to track your amount, but will never have to worry about missed or forgotten payments again!