Tree Trimming

As part of routine maintenance, our contracted forestry crew regularly inspects power lines for tree limbs or vegetation growing too close to the lines or at risk of falling into the lines. Keeping branches and vegetation away from power lines and removing dangerous trees prevents unnecessary power outages and removes potential safety hazards for the public, especially for children who like to climb trees.

Oshawa Power trims and removes trees around lines located on public property. Private property owners are responsible for tree trimming, and tree and brush removal for the overhead power lines located on private property that serve only their premises.

Clearances between trees and power lines must conform to Ontario Electrical Safety Code requirements prescribed by the Electrical Safety Authority. You must not build structures or plant trees or shrubs that infringe on these clearance requirements.

Due to the danger of working around electrical lines, we recommend that you hire a qualified electrical contractor to trim or remove trees on your property. If you require temporary disconnection of your electricity service to do maintenance, please contact us. Please give us as much advance notice as possible so we can schedule the work. To arrange for this service or if you see a tree that needs attention on public property please contact us at 905-723-4626 ext 5272.

For more tips, the Electrical Safety Authority provides safety recommendations for tree-trimming on their website. For more information on tree trimming, click here.