How much does it cost to install renewable generation such as solar panels on my roof? What is the process?

Costs for renewable generation such as solar installations are completed by a licensed electrician. We encourage you to contact a reputable installation company that completes the installation according to the requirements of the Electrical Safety Authority. Please see

If you are interested in installing solar panels on your roof, contact a reputable solar installation company to determine if you have a suitable rooftop and receive a quote. Installations are to be completed by a licensed electrician and according to the requirements of the Electrical Safety Authority. Please visit to learn more.

Prior to buying or installing equipment, or signing any contract, contact Oshawa Power to obtain approval of your project.


I am considering installing solar panels on my roof. What should I know?

With any home electrical installation, home owners need to ensure that solar panel installations are completed by a licensed electrician in accordance with the electrical safety authority. Please see

A net metering account is available for new generation installations (see below Net-Metering Program)

As with any electrical installation, solar installations must be completed by a licensed electrician in compliance with Electrical Safety Authority guidelines. Please visit to learn more.

New renewable generation installations may be eligible for our Net-Metering Program (see below).

Note: The IESO is no longer offering new microFIT contracts.


I am considering buying a home with an existing solar panel. What should I know?

Many residential home owners have a microFIT contract with the IESO.

Oshawa Power encourages prospective buyers to contact sellers in regards to information (including generation payment amounts) on their microFIT account. Due to Privacy Act laws, Oshawa Power cannot disclose confidential information about any of our customer accounts.

If a home with an existing microFIT contract is being purchased, please ensure the seller completes the Contract Assignment process (see below Contract assignment).

The IESO has also provided resources for those considering purchasing a home that has renewable generation under the
microFIT program:

In addition to the Contract Assignment, all new owners of renewable generation will be required to complete a Connection Agreement. A copy of our standard MicroFIT Connection Agreement is available here.


I am selling a home with an existing microFIT contract. What should I know?

microFIT Contract Assignment:

You will need to complete a Contract Assignment process with the IESO to transfer the contract to the new owner.
The seller and purchaser will need to obtain a new generation account number from Oshawa Power. Please contact our customer service representative to obtain this generation account number.

Once the new generation account number is obtained, the seller and purchaser will need to complete the contract assignment with IESO. Please visit:

If you have any problems completing the contract assignment, please contact the IESO at:


I have purchased a home which had a microFIT contract prior to my purchase of the home. My real-estate lawyers have attempted to get in touch with the previous microFIT contract owners to complete the contract assignment but have not had success. Since I now own the home and the renewable generation, should not the microFIT generation contract automatically be under my name?

Please see below information from the IESO who administers the MicroFIT contract assignment:
A microFIT Contract is not automatically assigned (transferred) when the real estate property containing the microFIT Facility is sold or otherwise conveyed. To complete the Contract assignment process, both the current Supplier (Assignor) and prospective new Supplier (Assignee) must complete their respective steps in Beacon. Please note, it is not within the mandate of the IESO to compel a Supplier to assign a microFIT Contract or for an assignee to assume a microFIT Contract.

If you receive any inquiries from a microFIT participant, please direct the individual to contact or 1.844.957.3600 (toll free). In turn, the IESO will provide a detailed response as well as any 1:1 assistance necessary.

IESO has also provided useful information for Real Estate Agents, Real Estate Lawyers and Purchasers:


I am a third party redirecting of funds. What form will I need to complete?

Please complete the attached Redirection of Payment form and send to us.
Send email

Net-Metering Program:

Oshawa Power offers a Net-Metering Program in which you can earn credit toward your bill for your renewable generation on a monthly basis.


Oshawa Power Net-Metering Connection Process: Under 10kW

  1. Please submit the following documents (email: to apply for Oshawa Power’s Net-Metering Program:

    • Attached Form C completed and signed.
    • Single Line Diagram (SLD) of the connection
    • Equipment specification sheet. (Technical specifications for the inverter and renewable energy source such as solar panels).

  2. Oshawa Power will determine if it is possible to connect your net-metering project and if an upgrade is needed for the meter on site. If an upgrade is necessary, both of the below may be required:

    • Customer may be required to make changes to satisfy Oshawa Power standards which include the latest requirements of Ontario Regulation 541/05 – Net Metering.
    • Oshawa Power may charge the customer an additional payment to upgrade the meter base.

  3. If your connection is approved by Oshawa Power, you will be sent the documents below:

    • Offer to connect to be completed and returned.
    • Net-Metering Connection Agreement to be completed and returned.
    • Approved meter list by the Electrical Safety Standard (ESA) and Ontario Energy Board (OEB).

  4. The cost depends on site service conditions, starting at $550+HST for residential customers. The actual cost will be determined in the offer to connect.
  5. After payment is received and confirmed, ESA inspection is required to be scheduled by the customer between ESA and Oshawa Power.
  6. After ESA inspection is complete, Oshawa Power will install the meter on site.

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