Oshawa Power, Scout Environmental Collaborate on Digital Experience to Advance EV Education and Adoption in Local Communities

Oshawa Power, Scout Environmental Collaborate on Digital Experience to Advance EV Education and Adoption in Local Communities

Oshawa Power, in collaboration with Scout Environmental, a Canadian not-for-profit organization focused on engaging Canadians in sustainable actions, are excited to announce the launch of a digital electric vehicle (EV) education tool designed to support EV awareness and adoption across Oshawa and the Durham Region. With a $110,790 investment through Natural Resources Canada’s Zero Emission Vehicle Awareness Initiative, Oshawa Power and Scout Environmental launched an interactive guide and awareness campaign aimed to assess and address gaps in EV knowledge in our local community.

As part of its commitment to a low-carbon energy transition, Oshawa Power is committed to supporting education initiatives that work to support EV adoption and encourage the use of electric and alternative-fuel vehicles locally and across Canada through research, innovation, community engagement, and infrastructure development. Powered by Manyways, the interactive digital guide provides valuable information that will help:

  • Gather expected power usage information from homeowners to assist in current and future grid planning;
  • Debunk common myths and promote public confidence in EVs by providing basic education on EV options, andcharging methods.

Currently, Oshawa has surpassed 1,000 registered EVs, with 811 BEV and 300 PHEV drivers – and that number is steadily growing. Learn more about EV ownership from local owners and check out the tool at group.oshawapower.ca/moving-forwards.


“Oshawa Power is focused on collaborating with partners to develop innovative solutions, such as this digital experience, that inspire public confidence in the ability of our local power distribution system to support the increased demand that will come with widespread transit electrification — a key enabler for increased EV adoption in our community and across the country.”

– Daniel Arbour, President & CEO, Oshawa Power

“The adoption of electric vehicles is one way that Canadians can reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, and make the transition to a greener economy. Oshawa Power has shown leadership in its commitment to low-carbon energy future, and Scout and our technology partner Manyways are thrilled to be working with them to help Oshawa Power customers better understand and access EVs in their community.”

– Catherine Wood, Program Director, Scout Environmental

“Our government is committed to creating a cleaner and greener economy. Zero-emission vehicles are critical to our strategy to reach net-zero by 2050, but we know that this is a new reality for many Canadians. That is why we are making this investment today, which will help educate Canadians on the new, greener options available to them. Providing more information on EVs to Canadians is a great step to help with the adoption of low-carbon energy alternatives.”

– The Honourable Mark Holland, Minister of Health, Member of Parliament for Ajax

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