2024 Customer Priority Survey Summary

2024 Customer Priority Survey Summary

At Oshawa Power we remain dedicated to delivering on our promise of providing a safe and reliable supply of electricity to customers across Oshawa.

As we develop our next 5-year plan to upgrade and maintain Oshawa’s local electrical grid, our decisions are based primarily on meeting the evolving needs of our customers. In mid January, we connected with our customer base to better understand the changing priorities of our customers. By marrying the priorities of our customer base with our approach to strategic engineering, we can support our community, maintain equipment and keep our fleet and resources in good working order – for the growth and sustainability of Oshawa.

Our Customer Priority survey was available to all of our more than 63,000 customers, and was sent directly via email to nearly 30,000 customers who have provided email addresses. We received feedback from over 1,600 customers, or approximately 2.5% of our customer base – predominantly from our residential customers and a small number of commercial customers.

2024 Customer Priority Survey Summary

Insights include:

  • Customers are advocating for fair rates. While we at Oshawa Power are at the end of the line, the bill is shared between several players. Here is a great explainer of how your bill is broken down.
  • Customers who have an EV are energy smart – charging at home and during off-peak hours.
  • Some feedback includes advocating for more subsidies for Level-2 home chargers and free installation by Oshawa Power.
  • Some customers are requesting that Oshawa Power consider text messaging for outages. We can confirm that this is in our work plan and will be introduced in late 2024.
  • Depending on costs and technology, some customers would consider solar panels in the future.
  • Some customers cited that the average homeowner does not know when the system needs to be altered. Oshawa Power has created a project page to be able to discuss projects and address questions that may come up from the community.

“Thank you to everyone who participated in this survey. We are committed to listening to our customers, sharing project information about current and future planned projects, why they are important for the system and the community, and being available to answer questions!”

– Jen McHugh, Director, Communications & Customer Success

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Oshawa Power is dedicated to the evolving needs of our customers as a leading enabler of integrated critical energy and infrastructure. Oshawa Power is wholly owned by the great City of Oshawa.

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