New advanced energy project coming to Oshawa

New advanced energy project coming to Oshawa

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January 23, 2020

Oshawa Power and Utilities Corporation Energy Services (O.P.U.C.E.S.) and the City of Oshawa announced today that Delpark Homes Centre will be the future site of a combined heat and power plant.

As part of the Council-approved initiative, a 600 kW combined heat and power system will be installed at Delpark Homes Centre. Anticipated to be operational by end of 2020, the system will be owned, operated and maintained by O.P.U.C.E.S.

The combined heat and power plant will be fueled by natural gas and will generate electricity and useful heat simultaneously. The new system will help the City realize energy efficiencies, save heating and cooling costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It will also help the recreation facility generate its own back up heat and electricity during a power outage.

This project is aligned with Oshawa’s ongoing energy efficiency initiatives, outlined in the City’s Corporate Facilities Energy Management Plan.

The system will reduce Delpark Home Centre’s draw on the grid by approximately 3,700 MWh each year. Over the lifetime of the project, it will take the equivalent of approximately 4,000 Canadian homes off-grid.

O.P.U.C.E.S. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Oshawa Power and Utilities Corporation. O.P.U.C.E.S. partners with proven solution providers to deliver tailored energy solutions and meet the needs of each individual customer, including low carbon distributed generation technologies such as CHP, wind, solar, and biogas. For more information, visit


“Oshawa P.U.C. Energy Services is proud to be investing in our community. Our goal is to create tangible savings for our municipal shareholder and improved amenities for our customers within Canada’s evolving energy landscape,” said Ivano Labricciosa, President and CEO of Oshawa P.U.C. Energy Services.

“By investing in a combined heat and power plant that will help provide backup electricity at Delpark Homes Centre that is both clean, cost-effective and good for the environment, O.P.U.C.E.S. is helping strengthen our community resilience,” said Mayor Dan Carter. “This is another innovative approach from the City’s energy partner aimed at reducing demand on our electricity system that will result in bottom line savings for many years to come.”

“A combined heat and power plant at Delpark Homes Centre is one more example of how we are working proactively with O.P.U.C.E.S. to achieve the City of Oshawa’s goals of conserving energy, reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, and managing the demand for energy at our facilities,” said Councillor Bradley Marks, Chair of the Corporate Services Committee.

“With the help of O.P.U.C.E.S. and the launch of a new combined heat and power plant in Oshawa, the City continues to make strides that demonstrate our commitment to the environment and energy conservation,” said Councillor Jane Hurst, Vice-Chair of the Corporate Services Committee.                                                 

Delpark Group Photo

Members of Council and Oshawa P.U.C. Energy Services join together to announce Delpark Homes Centre as the future site of a combined heat and power plant.

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Photo courtesy of Global News

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