Update on Oshawa Power’s Continuing Restoration Efforts

Update on Oshawa Power’s Continuing Restoration Efforts

Oshawa, Ontario – As of 6:00 p.m. today, Oshawa Power has responded to over 9,000 customers without power, resulting from yesterday’s devastating storm.

Currently, we have approximately 350 customers without power, located mainly in the rural areas of north Oshawa. In addition, our crews and control staff have been working on a rotating 24/7 schedule to restore power with an estimated total return to service for late Sunday night.

The storm’s heavy winds created a significant amount of tree and infrastructure damage to the electric grid and public infrastructure. Oshawa Power crews worked day and night to clear debris and restore power. The crews also cleared tree branches from individual home services to temporarily restore power while homeowners arranged for permanent repairs to their masts and ESA approval to reconnect fully.

“We want to thank our people who worked tirelessly to restore power quickly and safely to our community and allow our customers to get back to normal. Our strong storm response experience enables our team to restore power quickly and ensure that our grid is more resilient to withstand these extreme events occurring more frequently,”

– Ivano Labricciosa, President & CEO

The safety of our people and community is first and foremost our top priority and we are grateful to all affected customers for their patience and support during our restoration effort.

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