Oshawa Power is Proud to Sponsor the Oshawa General’s Adopt-A-School Program

Oshawa Power is Proud to Sponsor the Oshawa General’s Adopt-A-School Program

As we enter hockey season, we are excited to support a 2-year commitment for this important, local community-focused program. The Oshawa Generals and Oshawa Power reward students who excel in academics, athletics, and extracurricular activities with tickets to support the Generals.

“Oshawa is a hockey town, so it was a natural fit for us when the General’s approached us. Rewarding students for their achievements with local experiences we know they will enjoy is wonderful. The Generals and Oshawa Power are long-standing community citizens, and supporting our next generation of leaders, on the ice and in the class makes sense.”

– Denise Carpenter, Interim President & CEO, Oshawa Power

Thank You letter from 3rd grade student
Letter from a 3rd grade student at Dr. S.J. Phillips Public School

Oshawa Power will also use this opportunity and partnership to amplify a continued focus on public safety messaging with kids and parents in the region – starting with electrical safety.

“We know that effective public safety messaging helps communities protect themselves in emergencies and disasters related to all hazards. Together, with sharing accessible visuals and messages, we hope to help educate our young community to keep them safe and remember to know what to do in emergencies.”

– Jennifer McHugh, Communications Manager, Oshawa Power

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