The Long Distance Traveler – An EV Owner Profile

The Long Distance Traveler – An EV Owner Profile

Who are EV owners? The answer might surprise you…

Take a drive around Oshawa’s city streets and you’re bound to spot vehicles of all shapes and sizes, from two-door coupes to lifted pickup trucks to family-friendly minivans. But one increasingly common type of vehicle has started to stand out – the electric vehicle (EV).

With more than 1,000 EV owners across the city (and hundreds more coming and going from towns across Ontario!), it’s no longer rare to spot an EV cruising Oshawa’s roadways. Whether you spot an EV charging at the Oshawa Centre or your attention is captured by a sleek design and near silent operation, you’ve likely found yourself wondering ‘who are EV owners?’.

The answer? Most likely somebody just like you. Gone are the days when EVs were a radical shift from the landscape of traditional personal transportation adopted only by the most ardent and dedicated environmentalists (with deep pockets too!).

Find out if an EV could be right for you!

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We caught up with local, everyday EV owners to show you that EVs are a realistic and cost effective option for anyone, from any lifestyle.

Today’s guest: The Long Distance Traveler

Name: Rod

EV Owner Since: 2021

EV: Volkswagen ID4 Pro S AWD

What made you choose an EV?

First and foremost, to reduce my carbon footprint. It feels good to know you’ve made a change that will positively impact the environment.

Did you have to make any changes to your lifestyle or driving habits?

I didn’t have to make any changes when it came to local driving. Charge at night, hop in and drive like I normally would. When it comes to long distance travel, I like to use apps like A Better Route before we travel to map out our route.

What reaction do you normally get when you tell people you drive an EV?

Typically, the response is positive. A lot of drivers are surprised when I highlight the cost-savings associated with EV. When you add how easy it is to adopt charging into your routine and the low-maintenance that comes with EV, people are pleasantly surprised!

What is your typical charging routine?

I charge exclusively at home using my Level 2 charger. Because I own a Volkswagen, I like to use Electrify America or Electrify Canada fast-charging networks for long distance travel. They are owned by Volkswagen.

What is your opinion of the local public charging infrastructure?

Like I mentioned, I like to charge exclusively at home over night, this is a cost savings on electricity as well as peace of mind that our vehicle is always charged.

When it comes to travel outside of the city, I do think we have some work to do. Our networks along major routes need a bit of work. As more and more people switch to EV’s, the demand for a strong network grows. We’re heading in the right direction.

What is the longest trip that you have taken in your EV?

We drove from Mesa, Arizona to Cobourg and back three times without any issues. Each trip is roughly 3,400 kilometers one-way.

Have you noticed any savings since you started driving an EV?

Yes! I’m saving roughly $200 a month on gas. My insurance actually went down about 20% and I’m 12,00km service free!

Are there any challenges you have faced as an EV driver?

Like I mentioned before, we have a bit of work todo on the state of the network – but we’re getting there!

What are the most positive parts of your EV experience?

Reducing my carbon footprint. I feel good driving knowing I’m making a small difference in the overall well-being of our planet. I love that I don’t have to go to smelly gas stations anymore and can conveniently charge at home.

What advice would you give to someone considering purchasing an EV?

I would encourage everyone to do their part and make the switch. We need to take care of our planet. There are lots of EV drivers out there, connect with other drivers and learn from their experiences!

Still not sure if an EV is right for you?

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