The Daily Driver – An EV Owner Profile

The Daily Driver – An EV Owner Profile

Who are EV owners? The answer might surprise you…

Take a drive around Oshawa’s city streets and you’re bound to spot vehicles of all shapes and sizes, from two-door coupes to lifted pickup trucks to family-friendly minivans. But one increasingly common type of vehicle has started to stand out – the electric vehicle (EV).

With more than 1,000 EV owners across the city (and hundreds more coming and going from towns across Ontario!), it’s no longer rare to spot an EV cruising Oshawa’s roadways. Whether you spot an EV charging at the Oshawa Centre or your attention is captured by a sleek design and near silent operation, you’ve likely found yourself wondering ‘who are EV owners?’.

The answer? Most likely somebody just like you. Gone are the days when EVs were a radical shift from the landscape of traditional personal transportation adopted only by the most ardent and dedicated environmentalists (with deep pockets too!).

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We caught up with local, everyday EV owners to show you that EVs are a realistic and cost effective option for anyone, from any lifestyle.

Today’s guest: The Daily Driver

Name: Haroon

EV Owner Since: 2022

EV: Two Tesla Model Ys

What made you choose an EV?

Knowing that we could save on gas while charging right at home made a lot of sense to us. The beautiful interior and touchscreens on the Tesla Model Y really sold us on them as well!

Did you have to make any changes to your lifestyle or driving habits?

The only real change is that long trips can take a little more planning. Finding a charger and setting aside time to charge is a longer process than simply stopping to refuel at a gas station.

What reaction do you normally get when you tell people you drive an EV?

Most people have a lot of questions to ask; how do I save on gas? Why did I buy an EV? What is the range like in the winter? People seem very curious about EVs.

What is your typical charging routine?

Plugging my car in overnight a couple nights a week is generally enough to get me through the week.

What is your opinion of the local public charging infrastructure?

As an Oshawa resident, I’m a bit disappointed that the only Tesla Supercharger in Durham is located in Pickering but I do love the availability of free chargers to top up my car at places like the Oshawa Centre!

What is the longest trip that you have taken in your EV?

We took a trip to the US to visit family that was about 1,000 km.

Have you noticed any savings since you started driving an EV?

Absolutely! The Tesla app helps me track savings and tells me I have saved about $1,200 in 6 months with our newer Tesla and over $3,000 on our first.

Are there any challenges you have faced as an EV driver?

With the limited availability of Superchargers, there are times where you have to line up and wait but I’ve also experienced that at gas stations on certain occasions.

The biggest challenge we’ve faced is making sure we plan our charging around our schedules. My spouse has forgotten to charge at times before longer distance drives to visit family and has found herself having to go 30 minutes out of her way to find a Supercharger then stop for another 30 minutes to charge. Without proper planning, it can sometimes create a hassle.

What are the most positive parts of your EV experience?

I haven’t had to go to a gas station or Supercharger in the last 6 months with just local driving. Charging at home is very cheap, netting me about 500 km of driving for about $5 of electricity. It will become even cheaper to charge once the new Ultralow Overnight (ULO) rates become available in Oshawa!

What advice would you give to someone considering purchasing an EV?

Be sure that you can deal with the minor inconveniences of charging! To charge from empty to full at home can take about 5 hours and 30 to 45 minutes at a Supercharger. Obviously, with gas it is much quicker, but the need for planning is well worth the savings.

Still not sure if an EV is right for you?

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