Green Energy Doors Open

Green Energy Doors Open

Green Energy Doors Open (GEDO) is an energy literacy communications campaign and annual showcase of individual, community, and commercial sustainable energy projects. It is organized and spearheaded by the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association. The initiative aims to showcase advancements in the sector, demonstrating that Ontario is already on the path to building a 100% clean, sustainable energy system.

The GEDO annual showcase weekend celebrates sustainable energy projects and success stories in provinces across Canada. Every year in early autumn, businesses, organizations, community cooperatives, indigenous communities, municipalities and homeowners open their doors and host events to promote the sustainable energy initiatives and technologies in their communities. GEDO is free to participate in as a host and to attend, and aims to raise awareness, support, education and enthusiasm around sustainable energy in Canada.

Oshawa Power is participating in this year’s Green Energy Doors Open this Friday.  We will be offering tours and information sessions at 2 separate locations, 2000 Simcoe St N, Oshawa and 1282 Meath Dr, Oshawa.  See the links below:

Solar Battery Energy Management – 1282 Meath Dr, Oshawa

Combined Heat and Power Plant at Oshawa Microgrid – 2000 Simcoe St N, Oshawa