What is a kWh?

A kWh (kilowatt-hour) is the unit of measure for electricity. A kWh is defined as the usage of 1000 watts for 1 hour. That means that for 1 kWh (about 11 cents) you can run a 100 watt light bulb for 10 hours.

+Who owns Oshawa Power?

+What does Oshawa Power do?

+I want to access my account information on the internet. How do I sign up and is there a cost?

+Can I get my bill e-mailed to me?

+When I call customer service, why am I always asked for identifying information before we discuss my account?

+I have recently moved and was asked for a security deposit on my hydro service. I have not been asked for a deposit before, why now?

+How often am I billed?

+Where can I pay my bill?

+Can I pay in advance? I am going to be away or a couple of months.

+Can I pay my electric bill automatically?

+How do I submit my meter reading?

+Why am I getting requests to set an appointment to read my meter?

+Why is it so important to pay my bills by the due date and not a few weeks later?

+Why is my bill so much higher than my last bill or my neighbour’s bill?

+How can I have the meter checked?

+Is a Budget Payment Plan available to me?

+What uses the most electricity in my home?

+Where does my electricity come from?

+What is meant by “The Grid”?

+Why do my lights flicker?

+Why do I get 2 or 3 second stoppages of electricity?

+What causes short interruptions in my hydro?

+What causes a power interruption to my house?

+Why did the government of Ontario change the way the Electricity Market operates in Ontario?

+What is the Ontario Energy Board (OEB)?

+What is the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO)?

+Are there other sources of information about the market available?

+Who can I buy my electricity from?

+Do I have to sign a contract with an electricity retailer?

+Can a retail electricity contract be cancelled once it has been signed?

+Can I be transferred to a new supplier without my knowledge or approval?

+What happens if a retailer cannot fulfill their contractual obligation? Will my power be interrupted?

+Will Oshawa Power ever contact me via SMS?