Simplify Your Billing With Equal Monthly Payments.

Are you looking to simplify your monthly budgeting? We offer a convenient Budget Billing plan that divides your annual energy costs into 12 equal monthly payments based on your home’s previous electricity consumption. Once per year the difference between your actual and estimated usage will be reconciled on your bill.

Upon completion of this form, Oshawa Power will calculate your monthly amount under our Budget Billing Program and send a summary via email.

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    I hereby authorize Oshawa PUC Networks Incs. (Oshawa Power) to enroll my account in the Budget Billing Program. I understand that by entering into this program I will be charged an equal monthly amount based on the previous 12 month average electrical usage at my service address. The budget billing amount will be reassessed at least once per calendar year.

    I hereby authorize Oshawa Power to withdraw a monthly budget billing amount in the payment of my electric billing on the agreed upon date from the bank and financial institution designated as provided on this form.

    This authorization may be canceled by myself or Oshawa Power at any time. Requests for a bank change or to cancel this agreement require 10 business days notice prior to the payment date.

    For more information on your right to cancel a PAD agreement or your recourse rights please contact your financial institution or visit