Solar Storage Pilot Program

The application period for the Solar Storage Pilot Program has come to an end, and we are no longer accepting new applications at this time.

While OPUCES ultimately reserves the right to determine who will be accepted into the program, we will be reviewing the qualified applicants on a first come first reviewed basis. An OPUCES representative will visit the home to further verify the eligibility. A final list will be prepared and home owners will be notified.

Oshawa PUC Energy Services Inc. has partnered with the New Energy and Industrial Development Organization to bring a Solar Energy Storage and Management System (SEMS) pilot program to Oshawa. This pilot program will include the harvest, usage, and storage of solar energy in 30 residential homes. Each home will be fitted with solar panels, a battery, and an inverter. The SEMS will be able to provide enough energy for the usage of the average household. Excess energy will be stored in the battery or fed back into the Oshawa PUC distribution grid per the Government of Ontario’s net-metering program.

This pilot program will run at no cost to the homeowner. This pilot program will run at no cost to the homeowner. To participate, home owners may find more information including recruitment and application details at or visit the OPUCES office at 100 Simcoe St. S, Oshawa.



Oshawa Power Residential Storage Pilot Project