Introduction to MyOshawaPower

Learn about the powerful features available at your fingertips, 24/7.

Our powerful, new MyOshawaPower customer portal allows you to access and make changes to your Oshawa Power account whenever it is convenient for you. Providing you the ability to track and compare your usage, access important forms, set up custom notifications, access current and past bills, determine which pricing plan works best for you, and so much more, MyOshawaPower gives the power back to our customers.

Signing Up & Logging In

If you provided an email during your move-in call, we have pre registered your account and provided a temporary password. Use your email and this password to log in. Learn more here if you are having trouble with the login process.

Account Dashboard

Upon login, you will see your account dashboard which conveniently displays useful information such as your account details, current balance, outage alerts, usage comparisons, and more. This is a great place to get a brief overview of your account.

Bills & Payments

You can view your current bill, as well as over 4 years of previous bills with MyOshawaPower. This section also allows you to navigate to online banking (7 major Canadian banks available) to make a payment or to Paymentus to pay via credit card.


In this section, you can view a complete transaction history associated with your account, dating back over 5 years.

Billed Usage

A full list of your meter readings from the past 24 months is available under Billed Usage. You can also track your usage against the average daily temperature to see how hot and cold days affect your energy use.

Usage Details

The Usage Details section allows you to dig even deeper into your consumption habits. For Time-of-Use customers, this section will show how much energy was used during On, Mid, and Off-Peak hours, while for Tiered customers it shows if or when during your billing cycle your consumption reached Tier 2. Our handy Rate Plan Estimator and Data Download tools can also be found in this section.


The robust comparison tool lets you compare usage across multiple dimensions. Within MyOshawaPower you can compare current and previous billing periods, year-to-year comparisons, and even how you stack up in your neighbourhood. Can you be the most efficient home in your area?


Within the Profile tab you can make quick and easy changes to your account information, set up custom notifications, and even grant guest access to your account, a handy tool for landlords, business owners, or customers who have someone else handle their energy bills.

FAQ & Links

Here you can find some of the most common questions about MyOshawaPower as well as a convenient list of some of our most commonly requested user forms for easy access.

With a wide variety of tools and features intended to help you manage your account how you want, when you want, MyOshawaPower offers you a one-stop shop for all things related to your electricity account. Jump on in and find out how MyOshawaPower can help you manage your electricity costs, track your consumption, and so much more.

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