Upgrade/New Construction Request Form

Note: A printable PDF version of this form is available here.

  1. Additional information may be required to proceed with the service request.
  2. Applicants are cautioned not to incur any major expenses until all necessary connection approvals from Oshawa PUC Networks Inc. (“Oshawa Power”) have been received.
  3. Please contact us by email at connections@oshawapower.ca if you have not received a reply from Oshawa Power acknowledging receipt of your submission within 5 working business days of submitting.
  4. Please ensure that the address on the ESA Connection Authorization matches the service address provided (including unit number if applicable). Connection will only be provided to application with ESA address and description that matches the Confirmation or Offer-to-Connect.
  5. The customer must contact Technical Services Team at upgrades@oshawapower.ca to schedule disconnect or reconnect upon payment if required and receipt of all connection approvals. A minimum 48 hours’ notice is required. Reconnection will not be provided until ESA Connection Authorization has been received.
  6. New connections will not be scheduled until we have received ESA, the customer has set up a new account with the Customer Service Department and we have received payment if applicable.

    Contact Information

    Customer Legal Name

    (OPUCN Customer Name)

    Consultant / Contractor


    Contact Name:*

    Mailing Address:*


    Mobile Phone:



    Service Information

    UpgradeTemporaryNew PermanentOther




    240/120V208/120V600/347VDon't Know

    Single-PhaseThree-PhaseDon't Know

    Overhead (OH)Underground (UG)UG to OHOH to UGDon't Know

    Existing OutsideInside Moving OutRelocateGangedDon't Know

    I confirm that the information I have given in this form is true to the best of my knowledge. I acknowledge and accept that if we schedule the connection to be done after hours (3:30PM) a charge of $415 + HST will be added to my electricity bill for the month.