Finding Your Meter Number

Every home and apartment connected with Oshawa Power relies on a smart meter to measure consumption and send outage data to our team. These meters are an important component of our grid, helping us to ensure billing accuracy and build out a modern, reliable smart grid for our customers.

Meter Number Explainer

Why do I need my meter number?

When setting up your new Oshawa Power account or transferring service to a new address, we request your meter number for validation purposes. By providing your new service address and meter number, our team can ensure that we are setting up your account correctly ensuring no delay in service and accurate billing.

Where is my meter?

Where your meter is located is dependent on the type of dwelling you currently occupy. On most homes, semis, duplexes, or smaller apartment complexes, units will be located on the outside of the building. In most cases meters are located where power lines enter the building, usually on the side or rear of the building.

If you live in a larger apartment or condo complex, you may not have access to your meter. If you can’t gain access to your electricity meter, contact your landlord or property manager to request your meter number.

Where can I find my meter number?

Your meter number is available in two places; on your Oshawa Power bill and on the physical meter itself. If you are setting up your new account or transferring your service and haven’t received your first bill at your new location, you will have to track down your meter and read the physical meter number, or contact the property owner/manager to provide the meter number from a previous bill.

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