Set up custom notifications with MyOshawaPower

Learn how to enable outage and usage notifications for your account.

  1. On your computer or mobile device, log in to MyOshawaPower.

  2. In the left side menu, click Profile profile .

  3. Navigate to the Notifications tab notification bell .

  4. You will now have the option to set up four notification types and determine if you want to receive alerts via email or text message text icon .

    • Usage Threshold Alerts allow you to set a monthly usage amount (in kWh) and be notified once you reach this amount.

    • High Usage Alerts allow you to set a percentage greater than the same period last year and be notified if you exceed this usage.

    • Power Outage Alerts will notify you when an outage has been detected at your address.

    • eBill Notifications will inform you the day that your newest monthly bill is ready to view.

  5. To save your settings, click the Update Notifications Button update not if settings .

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